Hot Tub Accessories - Buitengewoon Wood fired Hot Tub - South Africa

Rocket Stove 

The rocket stove offers extra protection against wind, while containing the heat of the fire around the heating coil. The water in the tub will warm up a bit faster when adding the rocket stove, but you will lose that open campfire feeling. It’s ideal to use in colder temperatures as it makes the heating process more efficient. 

The rocket stove is manufactured out of weathered Corten steel with a stainless steel chimney. The visible rustic corrosion of this steel works as a protective layer and eliminates the need for painting.

Price:  R7500,-


Solid Wood Cover 

Guard your wood-fired hot tub against harsh weather, UV and debris. Our solid covers speeds up the heat up times and keep the water longer warm. Just as our tubs choose between CCA-treated pine or Rhino Wood 

R3990,- Pine Version
R6900,- Rhino Wood version


Drinks Tray

A lovely glass of wine and the warm water is a match made in heaven! This drinks tray keeps your glass and bottle of wine within reach.

R1390,- Pine version
R1690,- Rhino wood version



Mixing Paddle

The Buitengewoon hot tub works based on the fact that warm water rises. This is what makes the heated water circulate through the heating coil into the tub without the need of electricity. When heating the tub, you will soon start to feel the warm water at the top. Manual mixing assists to create even heat distribution throughout the tub during the heating process. Our mixing paddle is the ideal tool for this.

Price: R450,-


Water Filter

Typically our wood-fired hot tubs are filled with non-filtered and non-chlorinated water. Unfiltered, the water can be used for three to four days, whereafter it needs to be refilled. This simple filter can be added to run your hot tub like a pool, reusing that precious water without the need to refill the tub.