Wood-Fired-Hot-Tub - Buitengewoon Wood fired Hot Tub - South Africa


Our top-of-the-line hot tub is finished with non-toxic modified wood, sourced from sustainable forests. Besides being eco-friendly, some say it’s also the best-looking version!

Hot Tub complete with heating coil 
R39900 – incl. VAT


Covered in sustainably sourced CCA-treated pine, this hot tub is an eye-catcher that suits any environment. It’s the best option for those seeking top quality luxury on a smaller budget.

Hot Tub complete with heating coil 
R35900 – incl. VAT

Solid Wooden Cover

Guard your wood-fired hot tub against harsh weather, UV and debris. Our solid covers also speed up the heat up times and keep the water longer warm. Just as our tubs choose between CCA-treated pine or Rhino Wood 

wooden Cover
R3990 – incl. VAT for pine
R6900 – incl. VAT for Rhino Wood

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tubs require electricity?

A: No. Buitengewoon wood-fired hot hubs work off the grid, powered by a charming wood fire. The fire heats up the water in the coil, because warm water is lighter than cold water it rises to the top of the coil into the tub. This phenomenon is called natural convection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to heat a Buitengewoon hot tub?

A: It all depends on the temperature of the water and the outside temperatureConsidering this, it will take 60 to 120 minutes to heat a Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tub. The use of our Rocket Stove will speed up this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I reuse my hot tub water?

A: Without filtration and chemicals, you can reuse your hot tub water for plus-minus 3 days. After this, it’s perfect for watering your lawn and plants. You can also run your hot tub like a spa or pool by adding a filter and chlorine to it. Then you can reuse your water for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of a wood-fired hot tub vs an electric spa / jacuzzi?

A: Besides the added charm of the wood fire, Buitengewoon hot tubs don’t run on electricity and heat up much faster than an electric jacuzzi. They are also less noisy which makes the experience more relaxing. 

Technical specifications

The Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tub is made from high quality materials. The fibreglass hot tub is made from the same materials and manufacturing techniques as luxury yachts and powerboats.

The use and maintenance of the external stainless steel wood burner and water heater is effortless! Not only does it make this the only hot tub in South Africa with a real wood-fire experience, it’s also much easier to burn and to keep clean than models with a submerged fire box.

  • fibreglass bath and base
  • option for CCA-treated pine or Rhino wood cladding
  • stainless steel wood burner and water heater
  • integrated water drain and filling poin

Litres of water

Chopped wood pieces

Minutes to heat up