wood-fired Hot Tub with external coil heater

CCA treated pine cladding:   

R39 900 – incl. VAT

Rhino wood cladding:   

R43 900 – incl. VAT 


The Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tub with external coil heater is a true  design classic. The use and maintenance of the external stainless steel coil heater is effortless! It’s the only hot tub in South Africa that offers a real open wood-fire hot tub experience! 

The Wood-fired coil hot tub:

  • Has all the heating elements (and optional rocket stove) placed outside the bathing area.
  • Offers that unique open wood-fired hot tub experience.
  • Is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Due to the open burning coil this Hot Tub is not suitable to place on fire sensitive surfaces (like a wooden deck)
Buitengewoon Coil Hot Tub Tub Rhino Wood

⇑ Coil outdoor wood-fired hot tub with treated pine cladding

Coil hot tub with rhino finish

⇑ Coil outdoor wood-fired hot tub with rhino wood cladding

About the wood-fired hot tub with coil heater

  • a wood fired hot tub with coil heater
  • with an inside diameter of 155cm its spacious for 2, great for 4 and fun to share with a family of 5
  • the bath is manufactured out of marine grade fibreglass with a vinylester gel coat top layer. the same material used in producing luxury yachts.
  • completely hand crafted in South Africa 
  • available in sustainable, modified Rhino wood

Available accessories:

  • wooden lid / cover
  • rocket stove
  • drinks tray
  • mixing paddle

    Technical specifications Buitengewoon coil tub

    Number of people 3-5
    Liters of water 750 liter
    Diameter inside 1550 mm
    Height 700 mm
    Depth of bath 600 mm
    Empty weight 70 kg
    Full weight up to 1000kg with 4 adults
    Material bath Fibreglass reinforced vinylester with gel coat top coat
    Material external cladding CCA treated pine or optional rhino wood and
    Heating time 75-120 minutes
    Heater material 12 meters of stainless steel tube
    Bath colour Pebble gray
    Included Thermal GeoBubble cover
    Options extra’s Rocket stove, wooden cover, drinks tray, mixing paddle
    Excluded Delivery

    Choose your finish

      All our wood-fired hot tubs are standard available in CCA treated pine (right) or sustainable Rhino Wood (left).
    Rhino wood VS treated pine wood

    Choose your accessories

    Rocket Stove

    Placed over your coil


    Drinks Tray

    Rhino wood


    Drinks Tray

    Treated pine wood


    Wooden Cover

    Rhino wood


    Wooden Cover

    Treated pine wood


    Litres of water

    Chopped wood pieces

    Minutes to heat up