Wood-Fired-Hot-Tubs - Buitengewoon Wood fired Hot Tub - South Africa

Luxury outdoor living starts with a Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tub. The comfort of the naturally heated water offer the purest form of relaxation.

The Buitengewoon hot tub is heated by an age-old heating principle called natural convection. Simply make a wood fire in the heating coil or submerged snorkel stove and the warm water will circulate into the tub without the need for electricity.

We have two designs to choose from, the coil heater outdoor wood-fired hot tub and the snorkel submerged stove outdoor wood-fired hot tub:

Coil hot tub with rhino finish

Wood-fired Hot Tub with coil heater

CCA treated pine cladding: 

R37 900 – incl. VAT 

Rhino wood cladding: 

R41 900 – incl. VAT 

The clean design lines of our wood-fired hot tub with external coil heater will make a designers statement in every garden. It provides that unique open wood fire hot tub experience.

Snorkel hot tub with rhino finish

Wood-fired Hot Tub with snorkel heater

CCA treated pine cladding: 

R56 900 – incl. VAT

Rhino wood cladding: 

R59 900 – incl. VAT

Snorkel tubs are the best option if you want to put your hot tub on a wooden deck or under a roof. The submerged heater makes this beautiful designed unit extremely versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tubs require electricity?

A: No. Buitengewoon wood-fired hot hubs work off the grid, powered by a charming wood fire. The coil heated tub works by a principle called natural convection. you will make your fire inside the coil which heats up the water in the stainless steel tubes. because warm water is lighter than cold water it rises to the top of the coil into the tub. 
The snorkel tubs work with radiation heat. You basically make a fire in a stainless steel box submerged it your bathing water. The temperature of the fire radiates into you bathing water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose between the two hot tub models?

A: It is partly a personal preference as you may prefer the design of one hot tub over the other. The coil hot tub offers an open wood fire experience while the snorkel hot tub the fire is submerged. Other reasons to look at the snorkel hot tub is that this hot tub can be placed onto a wooden deck or other non-heat resistant flooring where the coil hot tub cannot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to heat a Buitengewoon hot tub?

A: It all depends on the temperature of the water and the outside temperatureConsidering this, it will take 75 to 120 minutes to heat one of our coil wood-fired hot tubs and between 60 – 105 minutes to heat one of our snorkel wood-fired hot tubs. The use of our Rocket Stove with the coil hot tub will speed up this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I reuse my hot tub water?

A: Without filtration and chemicals, you can reuse your hot tub water for plus-minus 3 days. After this, it’s perfect for watering your lawn and plants. You can also run your hot tub like a spa or pool by adding a filter and chlorine to it. Then you can reuse your water for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of a wood-fired hot tub vs an electric spa / jacuzzi?

A: Besides the added charm of the wood fire, Buitengewoon hot tubs don’t run on electricity and heat up much faster than an electric jacuzzi. They are also less noisy which makes the experience more relaxing. 

Technical specifications

The Buitengewoon wood-fired hot tubs are made from high quality materials. The fibreglass hot tub is made from the same materials and manufacturing techniques as luxury yachts and powerboats.

The use and maintenance of both water heater choices is effortless! The coil hot tub is the only hot tub in South Africa with a real wood-fire experience!

Our hot tub bases:

  • fibreglass bath and base
  • both have the option of CCA-treated pine or rhino wood cladding
  • integrated water drain and filling point
Buitengewoon Outdoor Wood-fired Hot Tubs